Paul E. Harkink
About me

Personal Information

Since the day my parents got their first 8086 'IBM XT' clone, I have been hooked at computers and computer technology. I quickly became an expert DOS user, and after exploring batch scripting for a while, I've taught myself the basics of programming at a young age - starting out with (Quick)Basic, moving gradually to (Turbo) Pascal and eventually (Borland) C. At the time I'd finished high school, I had no doubts about the subject of my advanced degree : it had to be Informatics/Computer Science. This passion only grew stronger during my college years; I've spent countless hours tinkering with my PCs and smartphones, reading up on tech-news, and programming/scripting a wide variety of small personal projects. Somewhere during my Bachelors, I got confronted with GNU/Linux, and I have been an enthusiastic Linux/Open Source user ever since.

Besides computers, other hobbies include cycling, photography, watching movies and -naturally- PC gaming.

Computer Skills

Operating Systems

Expierence with various flavors of Linux, both server and desktop, experience with most flavors of Microsoft Windows. Brief experience with Solaris, and did some low-level hacking on the Minix operating system for a university course.

Servers and databases

Apache2, openssh, subversion, CUPS, MySQL.

Programming, scripting and markup languages

Java (preferred platform), C, C++, PHP, LaTeX, Bash, XML, Pascal and Basic (seldom). If needed, also capable of rudimentary HTML/CSS/JS code.

Language Skills


Native tongue.